Exchange Club

of Missouri City

Giving Back to Community

Who We Are

Welcome to the Exchange Club of Missouri City.

In the early 1980’s, a group of golfers, Known as the” Chirpers” played at the Quail Valley Country
Club. They then started having breakfast together. They later decided to help the community and the St. Patrick’s Day Golf Tournament was started. Norman Jones, the first president had a friend who was the president of the Memorial Exchange Club. The friend told Norman that the group does the same things Exchange clubs do, so why not become and Exchange club? The was chartered on March 1, 1985, and was known as the Exchange Club of Quail Valley. The club had 50 members and was all-male. In 2015, the club officially changed its name to the Exchange Club of Missouri City. In October, 2015, the Exchange Club of Missouri City admitted its first female member and now has nine female members.

Mission Statement
Exchange, inspiring communities to become better places to live.

A strong America, safe communities, and unified people.

The Exchange Covenant of Service

Accepting the divine privilege of life’s noblest gift, I covenant with my fellow Exchangites;

To Consecrate
To consecrate my best energies to the uplifting of Social, Religious, Political, and Business ideals.;

To Discharge
To discharge the debt I owe to those of high and low estate who have served and sacrificed that the heritage of American citizenship might be mine;

To honor and respect law, to serve my fellowmen, and to uphold the ideals and institutions of my Country.

To Implant
To implant the life giving, society-building spirit of Service and Comradeship in my social and business relationships;

To Serve
To serve in Unity with those seeking better conditions, better understandings, and greater opportunities for all.