Exchange Club

of Missouri City

Giving Back to Community


NOVEMBER 17, 2022

The Exchange Club of Missouri City’s annual Golf-A-Thon has been a fundraiser for Ft. Bend charities for almost 30 years.

Golfers play a certain number of consecutive in one day and get sponsors to contribute money on a per-hole basis, some playing well over 100 holes in a day. It was not usual to raise over $25,000.


  1. Golf-a-Thon participants are sponsored for a dollar amount per hole.
  2. Participants play as many holes as they can play in a day, or in some cases as many holes as they can play period.
  3. Flat fee contributions were accepted.  Tee off at first light.
  4. In the afternoon other club members and guests will join the Golf-a-Thon for a 4-person scramble.
    • The holes played in the scramble count towards the total holes played for Golf-a-Thon participants.
    • Mini-shotgun started beginning at 1 pm so everyone finished around the same time.
  5. Breakfast is available for Golf-a-Thon participants.
  6. Lunch was served for Golf-a-Thon participants and anyone playing in the scramble.
  7. A hamburger and hot dog buffet was served after the scramble for all club members and guests.

2021 Golf-a-Thon was a success!

A particular shout out to:

  • Leeann Stidham, Bill Petticrew, and Tyson Stittleburg all played over 100 holes of golf and are now undergoing physical therapy and collecting from sponsors.
  • The several non-members joined us in the Golf-A-Thon scramble and stayed for dinner.  If you invited or know these people, please pass on our thanks for participating.  They made the day more fun for everyone.
  • Cyrille Girouard our catering manager.  He got up and made breakfast tacos for those teeing off shortly after 6.  I assure you the club did not make enough money on breakfast to cover his time.
  • Everyone who sponsored a player or made a contribution.  Even little dollars add up.