Fist Full Of Dollars CW Dance & BBQ Success!

The Fist Full Of Dollars CW Dance and BBQ was a Barn Raising Success!

Through the dedication and perseverance of a few good people, the club raised roughly $24,750, with over 200 people attending.  That number may raise up a bit as more donations and payments come in.

Shout outs go to our leader and visioneer, George Adams of Adams Insurance.  Without his intuition, fortitude and guidance the event would not have happened.  He procured the date, facility and spear headed every meeting, and then became the auctioneer for the evening, raising over $15,000 in auction proceeds.

Additional shout outs to our supporting staff include:

  • Bill Wright provided ticket printing, fliers and table toppers.
  • Rusty Lamb printed banners and programs.
  • Julia Hardy, for setting up the Paypal and Power Point presentations.
  • Linn Wells collected money and paid bills.
  • Dino Price – PR and this fine web site update.
  • Dr. Elissa Wedemeyer  provided publicity work on our Facebook page.
  • Tyson Stittleberg for publicity inside Heard From The Bird.
  • Viki Moore managing and arranging decorations, photo booth, and program layout.
  • Joel Battle procured the renown Wade Andrew Smith and Driftwood.
  • Leeann Stidham provided printing for liquor wagons, and Mike Moppert for collecting its contents.
  • Steve Wells, our esteemed president, for his persistence to complete this website.

Those seeding the fundraiser, our sponsors are:

  • The Sheriff – Leeann Stidham at $2,500
  • Band Sponsors – for $1,500 each were: George Adams, Dr. Elissa Wedemeyer, Texas Oilman Joel Battle
  • Julia Hardy sponsored the decorations for $1,000

Auctioned event was called by George Adams and raised over $15,000 dollars.  Items donated by, included:

  • New Orleans Apartment, donated by Bill Wright sold for $3,000
  • The Tiki House vacation from Lane Pearson sold for $2,100
  • All Pro Fishing Trip was donated by Peter Haselow and sold for $1,500
  • The Duck Hunt was collected from Leeann Stidham, George Adams, Don Stoeljte, Mike, Joel Battle, and Richard Gross, and sold for $1,800
  • L’ Auberge donated the Casino weekend and sold for $1,500
  • George Adams donated the Texas Flag and sold for $850
  • Lane Pearson donated the lunch with the mayor which sold for $700
  • All members donated to the liquor wagons and raised and additional $4,200.
  • and the raffle grossed  $3,580.00.

Congratulations to everyone who participated and attended.  Proceeds from this event go toward the scholarships awarded and funded throughout the year.

(posting submitted by Dr. Elissa Wedemeyer, Club Secretary)